Best song ever

      I know this blog is about one of my favorite songs ever, but thats impossible, because it’s so hard to just pick one. So, Im a break the rules (all rules are meant to be broken, for better or worse) and write about two of my favorite songs. 

Eminem has been in my top 5 dead or alive for as long as I can remember. I love that guy. From his tight flows, crazy lyrics and unmatched story telling. He puts rhymes together like no one can and to this day, he still raps better than most in the (declining) rap game. He never cared about being uber rich like Jay-z or keeping a gangster image like Rick Ross tries so hard to do. He just loves to rap. When he blew up, he never predicted becoming as popular as he is. The fame imprisoned him. He cant go out of his house without making a crowd or people screaming his name. The thing he wanted the most (fame) ended up destroying him almost, like a dark irony. I love Em and it’s really hard picking my favorite of his songs, but i decided to go with White America. This song has the whole package, tight flow, crazy ass beats and a message. This song is his reflection of his quick rise to fame, being a high school drop role model, censorship of his music, being a white rapper and the hypocrisy of (white) America.
       The second song is from Flyleaf (before Lacey Sturm left). Flyleaf is a post hardcore band that is heavily influenced by Jesus. They’re know for their Christian faith and deep lyrics. Lacy was the lead singer and she’s, simply put, awesome. The bands faith came from Lacy’s heavy drug use that almost ended her life. She got clean and met God. Her relationship with God made her live clean and spread her belief through music. Flyleaf has enjoyed mainstream success and gathered a strong following (but lost some of that following when Lacey left). From their near perfect list of music I had to pick, hands down their best song ever recorded, Arise, from their second album Memento Mori (which means, “remember that you will die”). The song is powerful, filled with imagery and the closest thing to art that music can produce (in my opinion). Seriously, I must’ve heard this song about 7000 times and I’m still not over it. The song is about salvation through music, death, and how time was before it went to crap. Around 2:48 is when the song changes the whole tone and blows your mind. I love Lacey and I actually met her. I actually became nervous when I met her and acted like a total fan. It was awesome.
         These two songs are probably my most favorite in my over 20,000 song collection. I do have some honorable mentions that I would like to mention, but this piece is getting too long and I’m not willing to sacrifice my grade to share the gift of music.





Me and Lily’s final video

Abe’s and Lilys story board

Our story is about a student that needs to study, but he’s too distracted , so the person goes on to a different location. Because of time conflict me and lily had to switch the ending to me leaving for the day. We were walking on different angles to show the feelings of the actor. We used the music as a way for the viewer to get a light feel from the piece. Overall, we used the storyboard and different angles to get the fee of the actor.


The Soundwalk (What I hear) Union Square

I went to see Lincoln on Union Square yesterday and before it started I remembered about this blog so I sat on steps of the park and just sat there for about 30 minutes. It wasn’t cold yesterday so I didn’t freeze but I did feel a bit weird just siting there for that long. Anyway, I started to write down what I heard and first I heard the cars driving by, the hipsters talking and the boarders riding. Union Square is one of my most favorite places in New York and I also love the environment it’s more devised then Times Square. I wanted to get the same diversity with sound. I more I kept hearing the more I picked up, hot dogs venders, van handles asking for handouts and dogs barking. Chess players moving the pieces, and bystanders clapping. I hear the train slightly and the lights flicking. I hear the traffic lights clicking when they change color and random people talking. I heard one person saying, “what is he doing?” Union Square is very nosy but I love the music it played for me yesterday before I went to see the movie.

A simple interview about parents :)itle

A simple interview about parents 🙂

NOTE: I couldn’t upload it as a MP3, so I uploaded to YouTube.

Final Cut


Mise-en-scène the scene already

Abraham Velez: Med 160

For this assignment I picked the “Changeover” scene in Fight Club. This scene is extremely vital and as the name suggest, it’s the changing point of the entire movie. I picked the “Changeover” scene because it’s such an important scene that it would be expected to be in a big flashy and overly expansive set, but it takes place in a hotel room between Edward Norton and Brad Pitts character.

The tension is high in this scene with a major twist in the air. Where else but a cheap hotel room with a simple dialogue exchange between the two main characters can an important element of the story be told. The scene follows a certain flow that is seen throughout the movie with a lot of flashbacks between the conversation. The flashbacks have a magnificent meaning to the scene because it supports the scene like a cite supports a paper.

Most of the shots in this scene are really basic. The first shot is a long shot with the two characters and then close ups of the characters as they talk/listen, but the camera gets closer when more information is giving. The music really reflects the scene, but it never distracts, as in the music doesn’t overlap or gets too loud. There’s not much lighting to give the scene the dark tone that the movie has. And there’s lack of space in this scene so it won’t distract the viewer from the characters.

The acting between the characters is really what’s important in this scene, because they create the tension and tense atmosphere. The scene is doesn’t have much of a setting or mise-en-scène in the sense of props or lighting, but it’s the acting and tension that makes the scene. If this scene was done different and it was bright or colorful and the music was loud or the setting was in the outdoors then it would take away from the impact. The lack of scene is what makes this scene so powerful because we can hear what is being said. This scene is the perfect example that a mise-en-scène doesn’t have to be heavy on props to be an important scene.


Sorry about the bad quality


Didn’t this semester go by fast? Just yesterday we were learning about Photoshop and HTML and the day before that we were buying a text book that would never be opened. Media Production is a different type of induction class because it’s more hands on then Media 180, but unlike 180, i felt that lecture in 150 wasn’t necessary . Media 150 is a hands on class and lecture felt more like a distraction then a class. Aside from the lecture, I really enjoyed the projects. I wasn’t too fond on Photoshop, but I’m a bit more confident on using it now. HTML was the topic I was looking forward to the most. The introduction gave a taste and now I’m hungry for more. I can’t wait to start web production 🙂 . I felt that they went more into film then any other topic which is understandable because the lecture teacher is a documentary maker, but the topics should be giving more time. I also had a problem with the lecture teacher promoting his own movies any waking chance. I found that to be very unprofessional. If there’s one thing I would takeaway from media 150 it would be the lecture. Just focus on the hands on and not the lectures. Half the student wouldn’t show up to the lectures anyway.


P.S. I wrote 10 comments on the dot 🙂

My Haiku

Here’s my Haiku. I messed up a bit, but I couldn’t access textwrangler to fix it. Enjoy

Making it, Making it, Making it work

When I first started college I was determined to be a journalist. Nothing can change my mind until I did some research and realized that newspapers and magazines and even television journalism are on their death beds. Everyone is turning to the internet to get the news.  So, me majoring in it was making less sense every passing day. When I transferred to Hunter I noticed Emerging Media and I changed my major almost immediately. I have learned a lot about new media and the possibilities behind it, but I still don’t have a real idea of what I want to do.

My life basically revolves around Google, Apple, Nintendo and Microsoft. Four very well known and very valuable companies. I feel that if I get a degree in Emerging Media and English that I would have a better chance to get in one of these companies. I’m going to take web production next semester and hopefully it will give me a taste of what I want to get into, Web Design and web coding.  Jim Fleming is my desktop Publishing professor. He has 30 years in publishing, but he also has experience in web design and coding. He is planning to start a web design class next class. I couldn’t get a person from Google to interview, so I spoke to him instead.

The interview wasn’t long, at least 15 minutes, but it was long enough to understand the the field better. I started the interviewed with asking what should I study to land a job. He immediately mentioned how all type of media from film to desktop publishing is converting to computers. There’s no way around it. He said for my interest as a web designer that computing is more important now than ever before.

He mentioned that because everything is slowly converting to the web that having knowledge of HTML is essential. I told him that my media 150 class is introducing HTML and that’s when he mentioned the new class his going to teach about web designing. If a person graduates with a strong knowledge of computing then a job in media isn’t so difficult to get.

When mentioning about actually landing a job, he mentions that internship is key for networking and real life experience. He said that networking is key because it opens door that otherwise would be harder to open by my own. No amount of work in school can truly replace an internship because interning gives the experience that being in a class room cant.

The last question I asked was about pay. He did’nt really mention pay for a web designer, but for the other media fields films pays the most. I looked and found that average for a web designer starts at $60,000. Some companies even start a person off with $90,000. Knowing HTML/XHTML?PHP is very demanding right now and if a person is skilled then he will land a job. ( (

Even though this project was aimed for us to know what we want to do for the future, I still don’t have the slightest clue like many other people. What I find most intriguing is coding and web designing. I don’t know how to do both, but that’s why I’m in school to learn it. I’m pretty sure once I take web production 1 I will have a better understanding of it and maybe get a clearer picture of what I want to do, but for now the image that is my career is as blurry as my eye slight when I when wake up in the morning.