Second assignment: Favorite Blog

There are three types of blogs that influence bloggers. First is the Evergreen type. A type of blog that helps with “how to” tips and answering questions. Second is the Opinionated type. These types of blogs are mostly about people stating how they feel about certain events or products. And the third are News Blogs. These blogs are mainly about reporting the news from Amateur or professionals. These blogs doesn’t necessary mean current events, but it can also include entertainment or upcoming products. Of course there are more types of blogs, but these are the three most common ones. Majority of blogs comes from sites like Blogger, Word press, and Tumbler. In the blog world, every subject is touched from everyday living to special interests. Blogs demographic are ageless and genderless reaching audience from college students to senior citizens. Ever since blogging started it has evolved from text to podcast to vlogging or video blogging. Currently, there are around 150 million blogs.  Needless to say, having just one favorite blog is difficult. I honestly can’t pick one favorite blog, but I am fans of some, Know your Meme, Twitter, MTV, etc. All these sites started out or had elements of blogging. Blogging has become more viewer friendly by adding features like comments, rating the piece, following the blogger and list goes on. So again, just picking one blog is hard because most blogs were influenced by others. Every blog is the same in different ways.





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  1. I’m glad to hear that you like “Know Your Meme!” Me too. What’s your favorite recent meme?

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