Third Blog: Photo Essay

Andrew Prokos is an architecture photographer. He has been taken photographs of cityscapes and landscapes for fifteen years making his collection one of the biggest. I honestly don’t know much about photo essays, so I had a pretty tough time finding one that really captured my eye. All I know is New York and his cityscapes, so when I saw Andrews work I thought it was an eye popping.  I don’t know if he wanted to tell a story nor just show the magnificent view of life in a city, I know he intended to show it in a positive POV. All of his pictures are both bright and colorful even at night. His pictures feel alive even though the items are landscape.


The pictures are all in a large scale to capture the whole scape. In one picture we can see the entire city of NY and that’s a large scale picture. Even the picture from a lower anger is a large scale from vertical perspective. If there is a picture with contrast it would be the one with the monument. The picture has the pink leafs.  The pictures themselves don’t really focus on texture, but more on pattern of lights from the buildings and floors of the bridge. Lights from the picture either come from the brightness of the sun or the lights of the buildings.  The more colorful pictures come from the natural settings, like the tress or the mountain. The mountain has a blood red coloring, but the most colorful picture is the one with the pink leafs. Most, if not all of Andrew shots are extreme long shot (ELS). The picture of NY in its entirety is a perfect example of an ELS. Most of his shots are group shout too, because that’s a lot to get in one shot. There is one low angle shot of the blue building. The pictures are great and it really shows scapes from an inspiration angle. The pictures are pretty much the same and even though the sights feel alive everything else doesn’t. With the minor complaint aside, these are a good pair of pictures that could help someone without no photo experience a shot.


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