Blog 4: Design I like

The media design I picked is the Apple logo. This logo is probably the most valuable and recognizable in the world, but it’s also the less creative and most simple.The design it self is just a 2 dimensional apple with a line across it with a bite mark. It’s also the most powerful media design ever created.  As the years past, Apples logo didn’t go through much of a change. At one point it was an apple with a rainbow. The current logo has one line going through it and it doesn’t have much color and some shadowing.. No texture, some form and some space, but what makes this apple so important is the message behind it. The most valuable company in history is represented by an apple. It’s what this symbol doesn’t say that makes it so appealing.  It doesn’t say anything about the products they produce or reputation they carry. Such a simple design representing this company is a message at itself. Apples slogan also very plan with a Garamond  font. Garamond  is a font that Apple adopted in the 1980’s. This font is green friendly and uses a lot less ink when printing.


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  1. I agree, Apple has some one of the simplest logos yet one of the most popular in part because their ability to innovate electronics. I love my apple computer and wouldn’t change it for any other.

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