My Short proposal

I’m a triple major in Hunter and I’m also very active around school. I am part of student government, I’m in a international fraternity and I volunteer whenever I can. Why am I doing so much? I want to start networking now and because I want a good ass job when I finish college, or get a scholarship for my masters, or both. I could also be wrong, giving up so much of my personal time and freedom with little to no payout. I want to work at either Google, Facebook or Apple either with web production or something in that area. With this assignment I’m going to try to get as much information as possible. I’m also going to the Google office or Apple office at 14th street and try to get some tips and maybe a interview. The sites themselves claim they’re hiring, but everyone knows that getting a call back like that never happens. Google gets about two million resumes a year, so it’s hard, but not discouraging. So, I will do research, I will travel, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get the best possible infortation to land a job in one of these places.



  1. Awesome. Any luck so far?

  2. Abe, you’re freakin’ nuts in neither a good nor a bad way; try-hard is the word I’m looking for (no offense). Google promises not to do any evil; I dunno if you believe in their vision.

    Besides, the frat, I would suggest you look up any networking opportunites where web developers meet in NY to discuss the trade and whatnot. Remember, the fraternity isn’t living your life, you are. While it’s good that you’re in the USG and Kappa Sig, you should broaden your social circle even further outside of school. Twitter is a good tool to network with professionals in your field of interest.

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