Blog: Field Trip MOMA

When I first got to the MOMA, I went straight to the Print Out section and started taking picture left and right and ended up getting kicked out because it was a no camera zone. I was upset to say the less, but I did manage to capture one of the mouse and cat. I didn’t get the author names or history of the picture, so I decided to try my luck else where in MOMA and ended up at the Solo Scenes by Dieter Roth. I found this to be a very captivating exhibition because the man filmed himself for more than a year in complete solitude. The film was finished two months before his death and it showed him in his most intimate moments such as him bathing and cleaning himself after using the toilet. The shots run constantly, but they were mostly of closes up catching his upper body. The shot in the bathroom was a full body so the viewer can see him cleaning himself and a long shot of his bedroom so we can watch him sleep. Dieter Roth wanted the viewer to see his life from his point of view and he felt that filming himself for more then a year was the best way to do it. Some (me included) would call him an egomaniac and others would ask why is this consider art if reality shows basically do the same (without the bathroom), but if the viewer sees past the 40 monitors they will see a man that was willing to share his last year of his life to the world.


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  1. I wouldn’t call the artist an egomaniac. I think he just wants to document the last years of his life.

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