Making it, Making it, Making it work

When I first started college I was determined to be a journalist. Nothing can change my mind until I did some research and realized that newspapers and magazines and even television journalism are on their death beds. Everyone is turning to the internet to get the news.  So, me majoring in it was making less sense every passing day. When I transferred to Hunter I noticed Emerging Media and I changed my major almost immediately. I have learned a lot about new media and the possibilities behind it, but I still don’t have a real idea of what I want to do.

My life basically revolves around Google, Apple, Nintendo and Microsoft. Four very well known and very valuable companies. I feel that if I get a degree in Emerging Media and English that I would have a better chance to get in one of these companies. I’m going to take web production next semester and hopefully it will give me a taste of what I want to get into, Web Design and web coding.  Jim Fleming is my desktop Publishing professor. He has 30 years in publishing, but he also has experience in web design and coding. He is planning to start a web design class next class. I couldn’t get a person from Google to interview, so I spoke to him instead.

The interview wasn’t long, at least 15 minutes, but it was long enough to understand the the field better. I started the interviewed with asking what should I study to land a job. He immediately mentioned how all type of media from film to desktop publishing is converting to computers. There’s no way around it. He said for my interest as a web designer that computing is more important now than ever before.

He mentioned that because everything is slowly converting to the web that having knowledge of HTML is essential. I told him that my media 150 class is introducing HTML and that’s when he mentioned the new class his going to teach about web designing. If a person graduates with a strong knowledge of computing then a job in media isn’t so difficult to get.

When mentioning about actually landing a job, he mentions that internship is key for networking and real life experience. He said that networking is key because it opens door that otherwise would be harder to open by my own. No amount of work in school can truly replace an internship because interning gives the experience that being in a class room cant.

The last question I asked was about pay. He did’nt really mention pay for a web designer, but for the other media fields films pays the most. I looked and found that average for a web designer starts at $60,000. Some companies even start a person off with $90,000. Knowing HTML/XHTML?PHP is very demanding right now and if a person is skilled then he will land a job. ( (

Even though this project was aimed for us to know what we want to do for the future, I still don’t have the slightest clue like many other people. What I find most intriguing is coding and web designing. I don’t know how to do both, but that’s why I’m in school to learn it. I’m pretty sure once I take web production 1 I will have a better understanding of it and maybe get a clearer picture of what I want to do, but for now the image that is my career is as blurry as my eye slight when I when wake up in the morning.


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