Didn’t this semester go by fast? Just yesterday we were learning about Photoshop and HTML and the day before that we were buying a text book that would never be opened. Media Production is a different type of induction class because it’s more hands on then Media 180, but unlike 180, i felt that lecture in 150 wasn’t necessary . Media 150 is a hands on class and lecture felt more like a distraction then a class. Aside from the lecture, I really enjoyed the projects. I wasn’t too fond on Photoshop, but I’m a bit more confident on using it now. HTML was the topic I was looking forward to the most. The introduction gave a taste and now I’m hungry for more. I can’t wait to start web production 🙂 . I felt that they went more into film then any other topic which is understandable because the lecture teacher is a documentary maker, but the topics should be giving more time. I also had a problem with the lecture teacher promoting his own movies any waking chance. I found that to be very unprofessional. If there’s one thing I would takeaway from media 150 it would be the lecture. Just focus on the hands on and not the lectures. Half the student wouldn’t show up to the lectures anyway.


P.S. I wrote 10 comments on the dot 🙂


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