Mise-en-scène the scene already

Abraham Velez: Med 160

For this assignment I picked the “Changeover” scene in Fight Club. This scene is extremely vital and as the name suggest, it’s the changing point of the entire movie. I picked the “Changeover” scene because it’s such an important scene that it would be expected to be in a big flashy and overly expansive set, but it takes place in a hotel room between Edward Norton and Brad Pitts character.

The tension is high in this scene with a major twist in the air. Where else but a cheap hotel room with a simple dialogue exchange between the two main characters can an important element of the story be told. The scene follows a certain flow that is seen throughout the movie with a lot of flashbacks between the conversation. The flashbacks have a magnificent meaning to the scene because it supports the scene like a cite supports a paper.

Most of the shots in this scene are really basic. The first shot is a long shot with the two characters and then close ups of the characters as they talk/listen, but the camera gets closer when more information is giving. The music really reflects the scene, but it never distracts, as in the music doesn’t overlap or gets too loud. There’s not much lighting to give the scene the dark tone that the movie has. And there’s lack of space in this scene so it won’t distract the viewer from the characters.

The acting between the characters is really what’s important in this scene, because they create the tension and tense atmosphere. The scene is doesn’t have much of a setting or mise-en-scène in the sense of props or lighting, but it’s the acting and tension that makes the scene. If this scene was done different and it was bright or colorful and the music was loud or the setting was in the outdoors then it would take away from the impact. The lack of scene is what makes this scene so powerful because we can hear what is being said. This scene is the perfect example that a mise-en-scène doesn’t have to be heavy on props to be an important scene.


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