The Soundwalk (What I hear) Union Square

I went to see Lincoln on Union Square yesterday and before it started I remembered about this blog so I sat on steps of the park and just sat there for about 30 minutes. It wasn’t cold yesterday so I didn’t freeze but I did feel a bit weird just siting there for that long. Anyway, I started to write down what I heard and first I heard the cars driving by, the hipsters talking and the boarders riding. Union Square is one of my most favorite places in New York and I also love the environment it’s more devised then Times Square. I wanted to get the same diversity with sound. I more I kept hearing the more I picked up, hot dogs venders, van handles asking for handouts and dogs barking. Chess players moving the pieces, and bystanders clapping. I hear the train slightly and the lights flicking. I hear the traffic lights clicking when they change color and random people talking. I heard one person saying, “what is he doing?” Union Square is very nosy but I love the music it played for me yesterday before I went to see the movie.


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