Best song ever

      I know this blog is about one of my favorite songs ever, but thats impossible, because it’s so hard to just pick one. So, Im a break the rules (all rules are meant to be broken, for better or worse) and write about two of my favorite songs. 

Eminem has been in my top 5 dead or alive for as long as I can remember. I love that guy. From his tight flows, crazy lyrics and unmatched story telling. He puts rhymes together like no one can and to this day, he still raps better than most in the (declining) rap game. He never cared about being uber rich like Jay-z or keeping a gangster image like Rick Ross tries so hard to do. He just loves to rap. When he blew up, he never predicted becoming as popular as he is. The fame imprisoned him. He cant go out of his house without making a crowd or people screaming his name. The thing he wanted the most (fame) ended up destroying him almost, like a dark irony. I love Em and it’s really hard picking my favorite of his songs, but i decided to go with White America. This song has the whole package, tight flow, crazy ass beats and a message. This song is his reflection of his quick rise to fame, being a high school drop role model, censorship of his music, being a white rapper and the hypocrisy of (white) America.
       The second song is from Flyleaf (before Lacey Sturm left). Flyleaf is a post hardcore band that is heavily influenced by Jesus. They’re know for their Christian faith and deep lyrics. Lacy was the lead singer and she’s, simply put, awesome. The bands faith came from Lacy’s heavy drug use that almost ended her life. She got clean and met God. Her relationship with God made her live clean and spread her belief through music. Flyleaf has enjoyed mainstream success and gathered a strong following (but lost some of that following when Lacey left). From their near perfect list of music I had to pick, hands down their best song ever recorded, Arise, from their second album Memento Mori (which means, “remember that you will die”). The song is powerful, filled with imagery and the closest thing to art that music can produce (in my opinion). Seriously, I must’ve heard this song about 7000 times and I’m still not over it. The song is about salvation through music, death, and how time was before it went to crap. Around 2:48 is when the song changes the whole tone and blows your mind. I love Lacey and I actually met her. I actually became nervous when I met her and acted like a total fan. It was awesome.
         These two songs are probably my most favorite in my over 20,000 song collection. I do have some honorable mentions that I would like to mention, but this piece is getting too long and I’m not willing to sacrifice my grade to share the gift of music.





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