Blog: Spring Theme

By Abraham and Lily 🙂



Blog: Field Trip MOMA

When I first got to the MOMA, I went straight to the Print Out section and started taking picture left and right and ended up getting kicked out because it was a no camera zone. I was upset to say the less, but I did manage to capture one of the mouse and cat. I didn’t get the author names or history of the picture, so I decided to try my luck else where in MOMA and ended up at the Solo Scenes by Dieter Roth. I found this to be a very captivating exhibition because the man filmed himself for more than a year in complete solitude. The film was finished two months before his death and it showed him in his most intimate moments such as him bathing and cleaning himself after using the toilet. The shots run constantly, but they were mostly of closes up catching his upper body. The shot in the bathroom was a full body so the viewer can see him cleaning himself and a long shot of his bedroom so we can watch him sleep. Dieter Roth wanted the viewer to see his life from his point of view and he felt that filming himself for more then a year was the best way to do it. Some (me included) would call him an egomaniac and others would ask why is this consider art if reality shows basically do the same (without the bathroom), but if the viewer sees past the 40 monitors they will see a man that was willing to share his last year of his life to the world.

My Short proposal

I’m a triple major in Hunter and I’m also very active around school. I am part of student government, I’m in a international fraternity and I volunteer whenever I can. Why am I doing so much? I want to start networking now and because I want a good ass job when I finish college, or get a scholarship for my masters, or both. I could also be wrong, giving up so much of my personal time and freedom with little to no payout. I want to work at either Google, Facebook or Apple either with web production or something in that area. With this assignment I’m going to try to get as much information as possible. I’m also going to the Google office or Apple office at 14th street and try to get some tips and maybe a interview. The sites themselves claim they’re hiring, but everyone knows that getting a call back like that never happens. Google gets about two million resumes a year, so it’s hard, but not discouraging. So, I will do research, I will travel, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get the best possible infortation to land a job in one of these places.

Blog 4: Design I like

The media design I picked is the Apple logo. This logo is probably the most valuable and recognizable in the world, but it’s also the less creative and most simple.The design it self is just a 2 dimensional apple with a line across it with a bite mark. It’s also the most powerful media design ever created.  As the years past, Apples logo didn’t go through much of a change. At one point it was an apple with a rainbow. The current logo has one line going through it and it doesn’t have much color and some shadowing.. No texture, some form and some space, but what makes this apple so important is the message behind it. The most valuable company in history is represented by an apple. It’s what this symbol doesn’t say that makes it so appealing.  It doesn’t say anything about the products they produce or reputation they carry. Such a simple design representing this company is a message at itself. Apples slogan also very plan with a Garamond  font. Garamond  is a font that Apple adopted in the 1980’s. This font is green friendly and uses a lot less ink when printing.

Blog 3: Stamp Art

This picture is trying to show New York City from night and day. I picked the subway door as morning, because that is all people see when they go to work or school when they start there day . The door means the door to a house or apartment and the very last thing people see when they are done with there day. I wanted to use more picture, but I didn’t want to over do it. I hope you enjoy.

Third Blog Photo Essay: The Unseen Art of Hunter

Hunter is filled with art that goes unseen almost every day. Art filled with dirt or asbestos. Broken down and long forgotten. I picked these pieces because they screamed for attention. The window shot are filled with dust, but we walk by them every day. People walk by these halls everyday without noticing the beauty in them. Art can be found everywhere even when no one sees it. 

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Third Blog: Photo Essay

Andrew Prokos is an architecture photographer. He has been taken photographs of cityscapes and landscapes for fifteen years making his collection one of the biggest. I honestly don’t know much about photo essays, so I had a pretty tough time finding one that really captured my eye. All I know is New York and his cityscapes, so when I saw Andrews work I thought it was an eye popping.  I don’t know if he wanted to tell a story nor just show the magnificent view of life in a city, I know he intended to show it in a positive POV. All of his pictures are both bright and colorful even at night. His pictures feel alive even though the items are landscape.


The pictures are all in a large scale to capture the whole scape. In one picture we can see the entire city of NY and that’s a large scale picture. Even the picture from a lower anger is a large scale from vertical perspective. If there is a picture with contrast it would be the one with the monument. The picture has the pink leafs.  The pictures themselves don’t really focus on texture, but more on pattern of lights from the buildings and floors of the bridge. Lights from the picture either come from the brightness of the sun or the lights of the buildings.  The more colorful pictures come from the natural settings, like the tress or the mountain. The mountain has a blood red coloring, but the most colorful picture is the one with the pink leafs. Most, if not all of Andrew shots are extreme long shot (ELS). The picture of NY in its entirety is a perfect example of an ELS. Most of his shots are group shout too, because that’s a lot to get in one shot. There is one low angle shot of the blue building. The pictures are great and it really shows scapes from an inspiration angle. The pictures are pretty much the same and even though the sights feel alive everything else doesn’t. With the minor complaint aside, these are a good pair of pictures that could help someone without no photo experience a shot.

Second assignment: Favorite Blog

There are three types of blogs that influence bloggers. First is the Evergreen type. A type of blog that helps with “how to” tips and answering questions. Second is the Opinionated type. These types of blogs are mostly about people stating how they feel about certain events or products. And the third are News Blogs. These blogs are mainly about reporting the news from Amateur or professionals. These blogs doesn’t necessary mean current events, but it can also include entertainment or upcoming products. Of course there are more types of blogs, but these are the three most common ones. Majority of blogs comes from sites like Blogger, Word press, and Tumbler. In the blog world, every subject is touched from everyday living to special interests. Blogs demographic are ageless and genderless reaching audience from college students to senior citizens. Ever since blogging started it has evolved from text to podcast to vlogging or video blogging. Currently, there are around 150 million blogs.  Needless to say, having just one favorite blog is difficult. I honestly can’t pick one favorite blog, but I am fans of some, Know your Meme, Twitter, MTV, etc. All these sites started out or had elements of blogging. Blogging has become more viewer friendly by adding features like comments, rating the piece, following the blogger and list goes on. So again, just picking one blog is hard because most blogs were influenced by others. Every blog is the same in different ways.




First assignment: Creative Statement

My name is Abraham and I’m new to Hunter College. I’m also new to Emerging Media. I have little to no knowledge of Emerging Media. I would love to know HTML. I would love to design a website, but I wouldn’t know where to start, which is why I’m majoring in Emerging Media. I feel that this major will give me a taste of what I’m hopefully getting into.  I’m also a triple major with English and Computer Science. I plan to use these three majors to take my first step in the world of social media and web designing. Media is changing the world and I want to be a part of it. I want to share in the experience that people get when they a get a text or email (even if they act like they don’t care). I want people to be using my product, either an app or site, as a part of their life. Too make life more enjoyable, even if it’s for ten minutes. The Web still hasn’t reach its true potential and it’s still growing.

I do freak out from time to time because I have no real experience in this field, but that’s not going to stop me from trying. I believe that every story is the same, told differently and mine’s no different.  I look up to many people including Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates. All billionaires, all college drop outs, but two things I may never be. They inspired me that sometimes all it takes is a dream and a step. I try not to pay attention to people that brag about what they know because they never talk about what they don’t know, but I do talk about what I don’t know. It’s how I learn.

Breaking Bad brief summary and review

I was introduced to this awesome show in January during winter break and by the end of the week I saw every episode of the show. The show revolves around Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston). A High School chemistry teacher that was diagnosed with lung cancer. He starts to make methamphetamine to make money for his family, if he passes away. He recruits Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) as the dealer. As the show progresses more character are introduced. In season 2 Gustavo Fring (played by Giancarlo Esposito) is introduced. He becomes Walter Whites Boss and the main antagonist of the show. Without giving to much away, the show is very slow paced to bulid tension. The show ends with a Major cliffhanger that raises more question then answered.

Pros: Very slow paced to build tension, Great acting, Wonderful scenery, Every episode feels like a mini move, Great cliffhanger for season 4 finanle.

Cons: Very slow paced (for people who don’t like to wait), Very predictable, You will love and then later HATE Walter White

Finale review: 4 1/2 out of 5